Zelo: When he gets jealous that you’re close with the other members

(A/N: For miyhang ~ You are also the same age as Zelo in this scenario)

You fiddled with the plastic bags in your hand and moved to knock on the door. Only a few seconds later, it opened and you were greeted with Jongup smiling down at you. 

”________-ah! What are you doing here?” Jongup asked, curiously looking at the bags you were carrying. You smiled back at him. 

"Junhong told me had a day off and you guys didn’t have a schedule and knowing you guys, you would be too tired to make dinner. So I dropped by and thought I’d cook for you guys." You explained, holding up the bag of groceries. 

"Omo! You’re the best ______-ah! Junhong is lucky to have such a cute and caring girlfriend. Aigooooo ~" Jongup teases as he pinched your cheeks and took the bags you were caring gesturing you to go inside.

You smiled gratefully at him and walked into the living room. You saw the rest members lounging around. Himchan was lying back and casually looking through his playlist. Young Jae was on his stomach looking up towards the TV. DaeHyun was beside him and Yongguk was flipping casually through the channels. 

You scanned the room once more. Where was that hyperactive boyfriend of yours?

"Annyeong oppas~" You greeted cutely and waved your hand towards the members. 

You were greeted with a smile and a greeting as they looked at you. You smiled back at them, they were like your big brothers and you loved when you could visit since they treated you like family. 

”________-ah, what brings you here? JunHong was asked to go to the studio to check out the choreography for our song. ” Himchan asked as he looked up from his playlist and gave you a small smile. 

"He really shouldn’t been overworking himself." You muttered, worried about your boyfriend’s well-being. But then again, he was always full of energy that you weren’t even sure if he was capable of being tired.  

"He wasn’t really asked, he kind of.. just wanted to go. You know him." Yongguk shurgged. 

"I hope he comes home soon. I came because JunHong told me you had no schedule and-"

"And she came to cook for us! Isn’t she the best?" Jongup interuptted as he strolled into the room and wrapped his arm around your shoulder. 

You were about to respond to that comment when suddenly you were attacked by all the members and surrounded by the members. 

"Jeongmallo!?” DaeHyun shouted in excitment as he squished you in his arms. 

"Yes?" You squeaked. You were then pulled into another persons arms. 

"WAH! YOURE THE BEST ____-AH!" You looked yo to see Himchan hugging your head to his chest. He smiled down at you even wider as he let go of you. You took in a deep breath. He really didn’t know his own strength. 

"FINALLY! REAL FOOD!" Jongup stated as he laughed at you trying to catch your breath. 

"YAH! What do you mean real food? I cook sometimes." Yongguk stated offended. 

You laughed as they started to argue about Yongguk’s cooking. They were such kids and that was coming from you, who’s younger than all of them. 

"Maybe I shouldn’t cook? You guys seem so full of energy that I dont think you need food?" You teased. Everything went quiet. 

You winced at the sudden silence as you looked at their faces. You busted out laughing at their distressed expressions. They looked so heartbroken. 

"I’m only kidding ~" You smirked as you made your way towards the kitchen to start getting the food ready. 

You giggled to yourself when you heard multiple sighs of relief. 

"We’ll help you!" The members exclaimed together, obviously not wanting their cute baby sister do all the work. 

"Aarasso oppas ~" You teased since they liked when you called them that. 

You directed everyone to a station and soon the kitchen was filled with scent of fresh vegetables and spices along with the light hearted chatter amongst yourselves with the ocassional teasing. 

It was already 9PM when you heard the door click signalling JunHong’s return home. You eyes lit up at the sound and stopped what you were doing to rush over to the door. 

"You go and say hi to JunHong-ah, we’ll set the table and finish here." JongUp said, shooing you away. 

"Hyungs? What smells so good? Did you guys order take-" He didnt even get to finish his sentence as you tackled him in a big bear hug. 

"J-Jagi? Anneoyng, what are you doing here?" JunHong asked as he wrapped his arms around your waist and smiled down at you (curse his tallness). 

You smiled back up at him, “Oppaaa ~ You told me that you guys were off today so I thought I’d drop by and help with dinner. But you weren’t here.” You pouted as he chuckled at your sad expression. 

He leaned down to kiss you softly on the lips and gave you a grin. “Mianhe Jagiya ~ I promise to make it up to you. Are you cooking all by yourself?” 

"Ani, the oppas were helping me." You grinned cheekily at him as you pulled away and took his hand to lead him to the kitchen. 

"Yah. I’m your one and only Oppa. You don’t call them Oppa too, arrasso?" JunHong pouted as he tugged your hand back and pulled you into another hug. 

"Ahhhh but they’re my oppas too." You teased as you tried to get him to release his grip which made him hold you tighter against his muscular body. 

"I’m your favourite though right?" JunHong asked leaning towards you which caused you to blush. 

"…" You couldn’t form words as you were trying to calm your heart rate down. 

"Do you like them better then me?" JunHong feigned a hurt expression as he furrowed his eyebrows together. 

"A-ani! JunHong-oppa is my favourite." You replied, blushing.

"Are you sure…?" He looked at you with a raised eyebrow, teasing you.

You rolled your eyes at his childish ness and squished his cheeks together and made baby noises as you gave him kissy faces. 

"Ne, I’m sure baby Zelo." You laughed, as he scrunched up his face and made a cute expression. 

"YAH. I’m not a baby you know, we’re the same age!" JunHong whined as you laughed and planted a chaste kiss on his lips in which he replied with deepening the kiss. Your hands dropped from his face and moved to around his neck as his held your face to bring you closer. 

Your lips moved in sync as your heart fluttered even more. Damn, he was such a good kisser. Your heart was literally racing as he pulled away and upon seeing your red face chuckled at how cute you looked. 

"Yah! Kids, what are you doing? Come eat! Pali!" You heard YoungJae call out from the living room. 

JunHong sighed, not wanting to break the skinship you two were so comfortably having, he grabbed you by the waist and guided a redfaced you to the living room. 

"Why is ________-ah’s face so red? YAH! DID YOU GUYS DO SOMETHING THAT KIDS SHOULDN’T DO!?" 

"JunHong, do we need to give you ‘the talk’?" 

"HYUNG!" JunHong blushed bright red as he proceeded to hit his hyung in the arm.

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